so the recital recordings from the sound guys were really noisy. there’s a static hum that is really distracting on like 80% of the tracks so I will probably only upload a few.

However, I’m officially beginning work on a limited run CD which I hope to have in hand by 12-1-14, although I may not officially “release” it until my birthday because numbers (12-13-14).

I got the recital recording from the sound guys tonight. I still have to listen through the other recording and make a decision which is better, but I am hoping to have some of my recital up here in the next day or so!

I made it 5 whole seasons without having to say anything…

But I was so surprised to be not surprised just now (s5e20)when I found out the Lone Gunmen all live together. 

The 50 fugues from Atalanta Fugiens are being bound for me right now. The score takes up four big books!